House Rental

Record your Rental Property Losses

From April 2017 the way property income is taxed will change and the allowable interest paid to the lender will not be deducted as an expense but instead given as a basic rate tax credit. This will impact on all higher and additional rate taxpayers, in addition it will push some basic rate taxpayers into the higher rates of tax.

investors relief

The ‘Investors Relief’ has been introduced to encourage passive investors to invest in trading businesses

In the Budget 2016 a new relief was introduced, Investors Relief (IR) to encourage passive investors to invest in trading businesses. The investor subscribes for qualifying shares and when these shares are disposed of the gain in value of the shares attracts a preferential 10% rate of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) up to a lifetime limit of £10 million.

New Savings allowance

A new savings allowance is available to basic and higher rate taxpayers for 2016/17. The amount available depends on the individual’s circumstances: If any of the individual’s income for the year is additional rate income then the individual’s savings allowance for the year will be nil. If any of the individual’s income for the year…

2016 Budget Newsletter

2016 Budget Summary

The 2016 budget was a tumultuous event for Chancellor George Osbourne. Our 2016 Budget Guide is a roundup of the implications of some of the measures announced, some of the changes taking effect from 6th April and some areas where we can help you to save tax! Download our guide which includes details on: Personal Tax Allowances Personal…